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Shenzhen Beike Multimedia Digital Technology Co., Ltd, est. 2005, is a professional private high-tech enterprise of R&D, manufacture and wholesale A/V products-providing dash cam, sports camera, home security device, automotive LED safety warning lights.


With "professionalism, quality, service, value," Beike continues grow by developing innovative, user friendly, high-quality automotive and surveillance security video products. CCC, FCC, CE, ROHS and patents certificated, Beike products proudly win customers from Europe, America, Southeast Asia and throughout the world.


  We provide following services:

   1) Advertising: LOGO, silk printing customization ect.;

   2) Cooperation agency: brand authorized sales agency

   3) R & D: personalized product customization services

   4) Package Design: customized packaging service

   5) Quality Control: function tests AQL1.0, visual inspection criteria AQL2.0

   6) ODM / OEM: offer ODM / OEM customization services


Beike is a vibrant and growing high-tech enterprise with clear market plan and promising blueprints. In this rapidly increasing era, we are improving product and service, accelerating technological innovation to provide the leading cutting-edge products for customers and partners in China and Overseas.


Never stop pursuing perfection, we are looking forward to cooperate with you to achieve brilliant future! Make it happen!

1.Industrial Design:
Our industrial designers are well versed in designing for maximum marketability as well as for optimal manufacturing. At the onset of every design project, our designers do extensive research into the basics

2.Mechanical Engineering:
At the onset of any mechanical design project, our mechanical engineers extensively study the form and function of a device. This ensure that the most suitable design, material, and manufacturing process is selected and thus warrants the most optimized cost structure and performance of the product. A good mechanical design is crucial in the development of any electronic product.We are proud that we have a lot good mechanical engineers
3.Electronic Design:
Electronic design demands a high level of expertise and requires an experienced electronics design company to facilitate the development process. At the heart of every electronic product are the electronic design and the firmware that runs it. Getting the electronic design right and selecting the right components defines performance, future proofing, durability, cost, and ultimately the success of a product.
4. Prototype:
A prototype is the product of the electronic development process and is an essential part in the design, development, as well as certification procedure. In prototyping, we take a concept that exists only on paper and substantiate it into physical form that functions as the envisioned product should. How an electronic product will respond to user input is difficult to evaluate without experiencing them first hand. As a tool in the development process used to validate electronic design, a prototype is crucial for understanding the complex interaction between user and device.
5.Mass Manufacturing
DOME has years of experience in designing molds and ensure optimal manufacturability and adherence to requirements. During the mold design stage, Our engineers will formulate the appropriate mold making strategy for the project by doing an in-depth evaluation of the product’s enclosure and designing the most cost effective mold and production process to ensure optimal manufacturing based on

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