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Critical Steps in the Package Design Process

Usually, the client will supply the design firm with package copy (text).  However, sometimes the design firm writes the package copy and the client edits.  This latter approach is preferred as it encourages the design firm to get close and personal with the product.
2.Design Concepts
Next the design firm creates multiple on-strategy design concepts for review.
3. Consumer Research
At this stage, it is prudent to seek consumer input.  Focus groups, mall intercepts and on-line surveys are all relevant research methods for helping the client/design team select the most relevant concept.
4.Design Revisions
A concept is selected, and revised if desired.
5.Legal Approvals
It is the client’s ultimate responsibility to obtain legal approval for all text and graphics, including securing trademark and registration of names and logos.
A professional design firm that specializes in consumer products understands these legal issues and can help a client avoid costly and time consuming pitfalls.
If photography or illustration are required, the design firm will recommend a photographer or illustrator.  It is the design firm’s responsibility to supervise the photographer’s or illustrator’s work.
7.Printer Selection
Normally, the design firm and the client review printers and make a selection.
8.Art Files for the Printer
The final step in the packaging design process is for the printer to use the designer’s art files to create color separations and plates.  The printer will prepare a proof for approval by the design firm and the client.
Don’t approve a final design based upon the review of a PDF.  A PDF is simply not accurate enough.  It is critical that the client receives a physical printer’s proof of the package or label.
Upon approval, the packaging will be printed.
Typically, the entire logo and packaging design process takes 12 to 18 weeks.

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