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Shenzhen baker accounting team, composed of a number of professionals, providing a wide range of customer services. More information please contact our customer service team.

Accounting services

Regular services
  1. Assistance in the initial set-up of the full set of accounting books and records system (chart of accounts, accounting policy, software, etc.);
  2. Monthly accounting and bookkeeping services;
  3. Compilation of management accounts;
  4. Preparation of annual financial statements;
  5. Annual audit assistance (not the auditor, but a role of providing audit required documents and support).

Special projects

  1. Accounting review and advisory services;
  2. Accounting reconciliation service (e.g. mapping between global and local financial systems, inter-company AR/AP reconciliation);
  3. Setting up financial data pool that can enable the extraction of necessary data in a short period of time to generate the outputs which can fulfill both internal and external requirements;
  4. Account review and reorganisation for pre-IPO or deal preparation.

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