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Technological innovation
  • FCWS able to always monitor the front of the vehicle by the radar system determines the vehicle in the distance, direction and relative velocity between the veh
  • Quad HD tachograph make up the traditional logger defects, solve blind 4, to provide users with visual field four directions to achieve panoramic video.
  • Reversing radar full name is "reversing anti radar", also known as "parking assist device", usually in or around the car bumper after bumper set of radar detect
  • GOOGLE track position is the use of GPS track log point instrument collects a series of outdoor activities, including each point at least the date, time, latitu
  • Andrews has tachograph system is not merely a recorder, it can download a variety of video, music and APP, watch movies, play games, bigger than a cell phone sc
  • When a vehicle collision, the video recorder will be automatically recorded and stored before and after the collision will not be overwritten loop recording, to
  • Car reverse image, after years of development, reversing system has been upgraded technology, improved performance, and apply it to all kinds of vehicles, such
  • Known as GSM, it is currently the most widely used mobile phone standard. Worldwide more than 200 countries and regions, more than 1 billion people are using a
  • Early tachograph common general illumination effect. With the improvement of image sensor technology, as well as the effect of illumination applications, tachog
  • "Glare" is a bad light phenomenon, when a high-intensity light source and the brightness of the background or the difference between the center of the field is
  • 4K resolution is not specific to a particular value, it refers to the horizontal direction about 40 pixels or so, depending on the application area and there is
  • Intelligent Image Stabilization technology was first used in digital cameras and other products, and lingdu A12 tachograph is the first to apply this technology
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