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Technological innovation
  • Track departure warning system is a way to assist the driver by an alarm system to reduce car traffic accidents due to lane departure and the. Track departure w
  • Mobile tachograph detection before using the machine must be set now, and then when parking, within a certain range of motion is in front of the camera, the tac
  • WDR wide dynamic technology can solve the contrast between light and improve the image quality and clarity. For example: hundredths of a second image to obtain
  • Tachograph night vision with infrared lamp is mainly used in the absence of visible light or shimmering dark, infrared-emitting device active infrared light is
  • 360 ° anti-collision system is an intelligent system to prevent the car collision. It can automatically find the vehicle may collide with the vehicle occurs, pe
  • Time-lapse photography is a case of lower frame rate captured image or video, then use the normal playback speed, or faster screen photography. In the period of
  • Master chip equivalent to the computer's CPU, which is responsible for the compressed image data acquisition and data logger is the core component. Currently su
  • Bluetooth technical provisions between each pair of Bluetooth communication devices must be a main character, and the other when communicating, from the role of
  • Parking monitoring function is passed the GSENSOR set to a certain level off, the vehicle is subjected to vibration after a certain intensity, it will automatic
  • Since the installation location tachograph special (often in the back of the rear-view mirror or other high position) is not convenient manual operation, the pr
  • 1. Increase Safety: Driving the vehicle speed, route, driver fatigue, as well as emergency and other security issues strict checks to ensure life and property m
  • Light through the filter will change, then projected through the lens to the tachograph. Since all loggers recorded images are projected onto the light on the t
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