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Track shift
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Track shift range of applications

Track departure warning system is a way to assist the driver by an alarm system to reduce car traffic accidents due to lane departure and the. Track departure warning system by the image processing chips, controllers, sensors, scanning the main road is the dividing line, and then supplied to the on-board computer to judge, and then the sound and light way to remind motorists to keep the correct path. This prevents the driver because of inattention led to lane departure。

Track shift applicability
The system provides intelligent lane departure warning, when departing from the unconscious to the original lane can alert 0.5 seconds before veering off the road, provides more reaction time for the driver, reduces the chances of a collision caused by lane departure, the system which the main function is to remind the attention of fatigue or resolve long monotonous and driving do not concentrate and so on. Continuously detect the lane line. If the car in normal driving, coming across the lane, the system will issue a gentle warning sound。

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